Toilet bag

Coated cotton toiletry bag

  • A practical and unique toilet bag! The essential complement to your necessary hygiene or beauty "zero waste".

    Made of coated cotton, big enough to put your toothbrush and hairbrush, for men and women alike, it comes in a variety of shimmering colours, making it a useful and original gift!

    • Your toilet bag can be machine washed at 40° maximum.

    • No other special interview: just don't get it nicked!

To know more about it

Recyclable: our toilet bags are so pretty and original that you can easily divert them from their original use; they will make perfect sewing kits, jewelry pencil cases... or elegant make-up kits, or even, if necessary, excellent first aid kits...

Toiletry bag in detail

Unique and practical, our toilet bag is an essential complement to your necessary hygiene or beauty "zero waste". With its unique large pocket inside, you can store the essentials: soap, solid shampoo and deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush... everything fits, even your hairbrush! And it slips easily into your luggage: enough to keep your "slow beauty" reflexes under all latitudes. If the trip is a discovery of the world, you might as well take care of it! 

Nomadic, comfortable, your Pachamamaï toiletry bag is also elegant: it comes in different original designs, both feminine and masculine, that will make many jealous and jealous!

Technical Info

  • Cotton coated in different patterns

  • Cotton lining.

  • Single pocket inside.

  • Colored zipper.

  • Dimensions: 27x13x6 (WxHxD)