Handmade soap dish in natural wood

Organic soap dish "drop of water" in solid maple wood

  • Discover our 100% organic soap dish made of solid maple wood from the Vosges forests. Handmade in France with love, this ecological soap dish is entirely made of wood, without glue or screws and is cut directly into the mass.

    Oiled with vegetable and organic linseed oil, this soap dish is an eco-responsible purchase! Its grooves allow water to flow out but also air to pass through so that your soaps or shampoos do not melt prematurely. Thanks to it, your solid products dry faster and their life span is optimised!

  • Solid maple wood from the forests of the Vosges.

    Organic vegetable linseed oil.

    Dimensions: 145 x 80 x 19 mm

  • After each use, place your wet solid product on your soap dish and let it dry. 

To know more about it

  • Sustainable and eco-responsible: this soap dish is environmentally friendly and does not generate waste!
  • Attractive and original: its teardrop design brings a natural and pure touch to your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Practical: our soap dish is an essential accessory for keeping your solid products dry between uses. 


Tired of seeing your shampoo, soap or make-up remover melt away? With our natural solid maple soap dish, you're taking care of the planet while extending the life of your favourite solid products! Durable, eco-responsible and practical, this soap dish is oiled with organic linseed oil, so it was designed to last! It will not fade over time, although its colour may change somewhat over the years.

Moisture resistant and easy to clean.

French and artisanal production in the heart of the Vosges.