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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The use of essential oils during pregnancy is delicate and it is preferable not to use them if you do not have a minimum of control over them. As a general rule, essential oils are not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy. That is why, as a precaution, we do not recommend using products containing them during pregnancy and afterwards if you are breastfeeding. However, if you are reading this and you realise that you are still using products with essential oils, rest assured that the quantity in relation to the use is still less. This is a matter of safety. Always seek advice from a pharmacist or specialist doctor before using an essential oil.
What about my child?

This is also the case for babies and children. Unless advised by a doctor, essential oils should not be used on children under the age of 3.

Yes, here they are:

NOTOX solid shampoo,

CALENDULINE cold process soap,


The floral tonic EAU DE BRUMES,

CANDIZ solid toothpaste with strawberry flavour (for children over 3 years),

COCOON solid deodorant,

Cold process soap ON THE ROAD TO ALEP,

NÜE solid make-up remover.

For more information on our products and essential oils, please refer to question 1


We have more than 400 retailers throughout France, and have a map of sales outlets available on our website which will guide you to find what you are looking for at the following address: www.pachamamai.com. You will also be able to find our complete catalogue, and order online!

If you are unable to shop online, please contact us at contact@pachamamai.com and we will send you the address of your nearest shop.


Under normal circumstances, excluding snow events, untimely strikes, or in the event of a shortage of raw materials preventing production, it takes about a week to replenish our stocks.

In metropolitan France and in the Overseas Departments and Regions (DROM).

All over Europe.

In the US and Canada, Africa and the Middle East, the UK, but also Asia and Oceania. 

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us at: contact@pachamamai.com 


"Dear? The notion being a matter of comparison, let us ask ourselves: "in relation to what? 

Our products are handmade, in France, and composed of natural, raw and noble ingredients (by definition more expensive than their synthetic counterparts).

In addition, we take care of the quality of our raw materials. We are in constant contact with the productive communities that supply us. And we intend to pay them a fair price, so that they can make a decent living from their work and preserve biodiversity.

This ethical and qualitative approach certainly has an impact on our prices. But compare the shelf life of our solid cosmetics, for example, with that of "classic" cosmetics: on average our products last 2 to 3 times longer than their "classic" equivalents! All in all - because that's what it comes down to - they are therefore cheaper.

As mentioned above: our products - whether FULL SIZE or TRAVEL SIZE - last on average 2 to 3 times longer than their "classic" counterparts in bottles. Of course, it all depends on how often you use them

The methods of use AND conservation vary according to each product (their composition being each time different).It is therefore IMPERATIVE to refer to the instructions for use of all our products. And respect the instructions indicated for optimal use.

Here are the general examples for our different product categories:

Solid shampoo: once your scalp and hair are moistened, you can lather your pebble directly onto your scalp, or between your hands to deposit the lather, then massage your scalp with your palms to wash your hair. Rinse thoroughly. Once your shampoo is done, keep it away from water so that it dries until the next time you use it, for example with a soap dish that lets the water run out.

Solidtoothpaste: Rub your DRY toothbrush over the small roller 2 or 3 times, THEN wet your toothbrush if necessary. Once you have done this, brush your teeth normally to create a light lather. You can always repeat the process if you find that a little foam is missing.

Please note: brushing is not the only thing you need to know when using solid toothpaste; you also need to know how to store it so that it remains durable and hygienic. Since solid toothpaste is not very friendly with the humidity in the bathroom, it is highly recommended to take care of its storage and to be careful with the humidity in its little metal box.

And what's more, it comes in a small refillable metal box! Once finished, its refill is waiting for you!

Soliddeodorant: wet your deodorant with cold or hot tap water and rub it into your armpits, or rub it directly into your still wet armpits after a shower. A thin layer of product will be deposited on your skin. Guaranteed to work!

After use, you can store it in its small resealable metal jar once it is dry, to protect it from dust.

And, as an added bonus, it's rechargeable! 

Solid make-up remover: Apply the solid make-up remover to a wet face. It turns into a delicate milk that cleanses your skin while caring for it. Or rub it directly onto a wet wipe and then wipe it over your face.

Be careful with the conservation! This one is very fragile since it is entirely made of oil, butter... Keep it away from sources of heat and humidity! Let it dry well in the open air, on a soap dish or a small washable make-up remover wipe for example, before storing it.

Solid body balm: Apply the solid body elixir in a thin layer on the body and massage. You can also use it after a shower on wet skin. This will deposit a thin layer of cream on your skin, then take a moment to gently massage the product in.

Soap: A cold process soap is traditionally used like a simple soap, by lathering it in your hands, on your face or body, before rinsing with clear water. 

Nevertheless, the conservation of your soap is essential. It is absolutely necessary to keep it away from splashes of water, out of the shower or your sink, in a dry place. It is a harmonious mixture of oils, vegetable butters, and sometimes essential oils or hydrolats. Because it is supergras, it is fragile.

Solid face care:On clean, damp skin, misted with a hydrosol or our Eau de Brumes, lightly brush the cheekbones, forehead and neck with the pebble. A thin layer of balm will be deposited, to be massaged in gently for a moment of lightness. Avoid the eye area.

A soft and comforting caress to accompany you in your dreams...

And what's more, it comes in a small refillable metal box! Once finished, its refill is waiting for you! Keep it well away from humidity and splashes.

Here's a technique we use and recommend regularly: collect the various small pieces left in an organza bag (or even in a knee-high) and lather them up like a shower flower.

We are aware that the use of charcoal, in daily use in large quantities, is harmful. However, Pachamamai is very conscientious and wants to offer optimum quality in all its products. This is why our toothpastes can be used on a daily basis thanks to the fine granulometry of the activated charcoal, depending on the sensitivities of each individual, which are of course unique to everyone.

No, unfortunately. The products we make do not allow for this, due to their shape and zero waste packaging. We are a small company and we don't have the capacity to make samples at our size. However, when we have soap scraps or small goodies, we are happy to include them in your orders!

But if you want to test our products before making your first purchase, most of our products are available in TRAVEL FORMAT. This is a smaller format by definition, which will allow you to try our products over several uses.

Soap is produced by the chemical reaction between a basic solution such as caustic soda or potash, mixed with vegetable oils and butters:this is called the COLD SAPONIFICATION REACTION. This method is an artisanal process that has existed since at least the 17th century. During this reaction, an emollient and moisturising agent is formed: vegetable glycerine. This famous vegetable glycerine - widely used in cosmetics - is necessary in soaps to make them as gentle as possible on the skin, otherwise the skin is dry and tight after the shower. This NO-heat process preserves all the properties of the vegetable butters and oils used in our soaps for the good of your skin: vitamins, trace elements, omega 3, etc.

Pachamamai soaps are made using this cold process.

The chemical reaction between the soda and the vegetable oils and butters and the evaporation of the moisture takes up to 5-6 weeks, the so-called "cure". Our soaps dry quietly on a shelf during this time.

GLAMOUROUS shampoo is richer thanks to its formula made of baobab plant oils. This beauty oil is known to restore shine and health to your hair. It also contains ylang-ylang, which is known to strengthen and protect the hair's vitality and which brings its warm and sweet fragrance to Glamourous.


SWEETIE shampoo offers the protection and softness of rice. Rice has been used for thousands of years in Asian hair cosmetics for its softening, protective, sheathing and moisturising properties. We also find coconut oil, which easily penetrates the hair fibre and protects dry and damaged hair, or even any type of hair. The essential oil of petitgrain bigaradier is known for its action on the beauty and the shine of the hair.

We highly recommend SWEETIE shampoo! 

However, all our shampoos are suitable if you are more of a fan of another ☺

The gentlest and most effective is our KIDOODOO solid shampoo, thanks to its formulation rich in neem oil (purifying and nourishing), rice flour (smoothes and coats the hair) and quassia vinegar (stimulating and tonic, brings shine to the hair). These ingredients make it a shampoo most suitable for frizzy and curly hair! Tested and approved ;)