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A message, a call, a gift, a poem and on this day, the one who will always be the biggest, the strongest, the most robust: it's Father's Day! This day, a bit special, brings us back to the childhood memories we shared with him, and is often accompanied by a touch of nostalgia. Dear to our children's hearts, a precious moment in the eyes of our dads, Father's Day is surrounded every year by a mystery: "What gift could he like?" 🤔


So that this day and those that precede it are not forever synonymous with headaches, we have put together some original gift ideas to spoil your dads! Bearded, adventurous, in a hurry, flirtatious, sporty or eco-friendly, at Pachamamaï we have thought of each one of them!


What if this year we took care of our fathers, by offering them the best of the Earth?




Bearded dad? Say no more! 🧔

Do you have a dad with a moustache, goatee, 3-day beard, balbo, van dyke, long beard, or maybe a goatee? You are just a few lines away from finding the perfect gift!


  • The essential shaving soap

 Shaving is a whole art that dads master (more or less). Whether mechanical or electric, this almost daily gesture plays an important role in the quality and appearance of the skin. Irritation, tightness and micro-cuts are quite common when shaving is done too quickly and repeatedly or when the skin is not sufficiently prepared. To avoid razor burn, it is best to learn good shaving techniques, get a good razor and know how to maintain it to avoid the growth of bacteria.

To protect their skin and make shaving a moment of well-being, give your dads the indispensable SMOOTH SKIN shaving soap !


  • The indestructible safety razor

In addition to shaving soap, a clean razor with sharp blades is essential for a close shave and to avoid burns and blemishes. Our safety razor is a great ally for this purpose! It allows a precise and thorough shave while ensuring a good grip. To guarantee its long-term effectiveness, remind those sometimes harried dads that it is essential to maintain it regularly by changing the blade as soon as necessary. Yes, it's a bit of a backwards world, but those stubborn dads sometimes need a little reminder 😉


  • The essential aftershave 

Shaving is a risky discipline! To maintain this beard that they cherish, these dads do not hesitate to pass a sharp tool over their skin. It is therefore essential to pamper it with a product with a fluid and light texture. It is also important to know that rich and greasy products are not very appreciated by skin that has been sensitized by shaving... And this is why we have imagined and formulated HYDRÔMALE aftershave that will accompany all our proud bearded men in their facial care routine.


Psssst ... This is the perfect gift!

Otherwise, we have also thought of a tailor-made box, especially designed for these bearded gentlemen. It contains the essentials to take care of our dads' beards in a natural and zero waste way. It is composed of our Cad.hom solid shampoo to wash and invigorate the beard and our Hip Hip Hip oil rich in vegetable oils known for their softening and revitalising properties.


Sporty, busy or adventurous dad? We've thought of it! 🤠

Don't have time? He likes to travel light? Does he spend his days with a sports bag in his hand and his holidays with a bag on his back? Offer him solid allies to accompany him in his daily adventures: multi-purpose solid cosmetics in travel size!


  • The 4 in 1

At Pachamamaï, we have thought of these active and adventurous dads by formulating a 4 in 1 CAD.HOM solid shampoo. This "Swiss Army knife" care product, designed to care for hair and beard, but also to clean the body and face, is formulated with organic mustard seed oil, organic Andean maca powder, organic rice powder and organic cadier wood essential oil, ingredients known to sheathe and soften the hair, soften and protect the skin, tone and stimulate it. Designed in a travel size for your nomadic dads, it is certainly the product that was missing from their toiletry kit!


  • The practices and light

One of the undeniable advantages of solid and minimalist cosmetics is that you travel light. Is your dad planning a hike, a trip or an excursion? Give him an "easy to go" version of a zero waste and eco-responsible kit. Deodorant, toothpaste, or the incredible 4 in 1 Cad'Hom are all available on our site in travel size and there is something for every taste or rather for every dad!




Stylish and eco-friendly dad, we've got just the thing for you!💚

Well, we'll give you that... You don't need a mountain of products in the bathroom to take care of these dear dads, but there are still a few essentials to get! Curious to learn more about the specificities of men's skin and to find a routine adapted to his needs and ingredients just right for dad?


  • For the good of the male

As you know, your dads' skin is exposed to the same hazards as women's: lack of sleep, stress, smoking, sun, pollution and unbalanced meals leave marks on the skin in the form of redness, dullness, fine lines and dark circles. Thicker, more robust, more oily and less sensitive, their skin is also more prone to imperfections. Not to mention that men's skin is subjected to a daily aggression: razor burn! While hair effectively protects the skin, shavers alter its hydrolipidic film - the protective barrier covering the skin's surface - and thus contribute to making it more fragile and dehydrated... To take care of their skin, we have put together a box offering the essentials for a minimalist, slow and zero waste routine: for the good of the male.


  • A complete routine?

Exfoliating once or twice a week can help remove dead skin, cleanse and unclog pores deep down and thus regenerate and even out the skin while restoring its radiance. For a gentle exfoliation, GOMMETTE is the ideal ally! Our exfoliator has a creamy texture and a woody fragrance that leaves the skin refreshed and toned. It is to be used before shaving and is intended for all skin types, even the most demanding! Made with sacha-inchi vegetable oil, coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil, as well as passion fruit seed powder and vetiver essential oil, precious ingredients that are known to help soften, tone, remove impurities and dead skin cells and refine facial texture. Enough to win the hearts and bathrooms of your dads!



With Pachamamai , for Father's Day, the hardest part is choosing! 🙃